A Natural and Engineered Stone Countertop Website – What It Does and Doesn’t Do For Your Business

A Natural and Engineered Stone Countertop Website –  What It Does and Doesn’t Do For Your Business

First things first: what is a website?

The best way to describe a stone countertop website, or any business website for that matter, would be as a storefront. A business website is in fact a digital representation of your store and services with your domain name acting as an address:

Yourwebsite = 314 W. Saguaro
.com = Avenue
.net = Steet

What does a website do?

A countertop business website lets clients see the products you sell and the services you offer. They will be able to sort through the types of natural and engineered stone slabs, colors, movements and patterns that you carry along with what projects have you done. Your presentation is the key in determining their purchases. If you have a poor presentation online, it kind of reflects on how you perform your business. Your potential buyer does not know how good you are in manufacturing or installing or what a great operations you have. Images and a great portfolio will convey that message for you. Your company needs to prove to them that you are worth their money. Overall, the main idea is that a website is a SALE AGENT that mediates between you and the client.

What doesn’t a website do?

A natural stone and engineered website is a tool, same as your bridge saw or edger. A bridge saw does not work by itself without human input, neither does a website. A website will not bring you clients without you doing anything. Most of your clients come on your website through different channels of distribution. Some are offline/traditional channels, such as magazine ads, billboards or signs, business cards and other print media given out, trade shows, television and radio spots, etc. That is what brings business. The digital channel that brings traffic/potential clients is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Ad Words, Banner Campaigns, search engine submission, etc. We shall talk about marketing in a different article. To brings clients to your website, effort is required, both in digital or non-digital world.


As a business owner you might be very busy, but it is essential to take time to improve your image, especially the digital one as it will be the first impression that you will make on a client. Surfaces Media can help you convey the right image to your clients without much effort as we built and maintain natural and engineered stone websites for your countertop, kitchen /bath or remodeling business. You can focus on the phone calls, closing sales, manufacturing and installation.

Let us remodel you digital image!

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