How to Close Sale Appointments with Our Virtual Room Designer – vDesigner

How to Close Sale Appointments with Our Virtual Room Designer – vDesigner

One of the main concerns of a sales consultant is to close the client and collect the deposit for each of the appointments that he/she has. Prospective customers tend to bid their project to a few companies therefore the competition is cutthroat. Using vDesigner, the best web based room designer, can help you close the deal faster by setting you apart from other companies.

A homeowner that would like to remodel their kitchen, bath or house, usually have issues with design direction. It is tough to image your kitchen/bath granite or engineered countertops. It is actually a pretty complicated task even for someone in the business, as the looks need to match cabinet styles, wall colors, tile or flooring patterns to achieve a superior design. This is where a virtual designer comes in handy.

While you might sell countertops, your knowledge is the key in whisking the sale away in a few steps. Having at your disposal thousands of stone and engineered slabs in different colors, you can easily determine what your client wants. You can showcase different backsplashes, including full backsplash which in itself is an up-sale. Your presentation can be tailored by price, because as you know, 80% of the time, price is the biggest factor. Material type and usability can be determined, such as granite, marble, engineered stone or whatever else they would like …and of course the clients can sort based on the colors they prefer.

As you know certain colors will look phenomenal next to anything but usually color coordination with the cabinet tone is what has the largest impact. If the client will pay for a luxury, it better look like it. When you reached a design that the client likes it, print in pdf format to know the direction and the details of the design. You might do a few for her/him on the spot and then you should ask them to go see a live slab together. If you can get a human being excited about their dreams and visions, you will turn them into a paying customer. The only downfall that you could have is spending some extra time with your future client. If you go the extra mile , you will get the extra clients, building for your company a reputation of customer services and quality.

vDesigner is a tool, use it to improve your bottom margins and efficiency. It takes very little time to master as it is very intuitive, designed by us…and we did exactly what you are doing.

See the video on vDesigner, play with a demo and you will understand why our application makes selling efficient.

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